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In Memory Of Eric K. Barrow – A Protective Father

  “Fighting fires, you can do something about what’s going on, and you’re trained to. There’s always the possibility of bringing something terrible to an end. But the fact that my child was hurt . . . it’s like being handcuffed and made to watch it. ”  –  Eric Barrow I never got the opportunity…

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Will the Good Men Please Speak Up?

  “She’s the type of girl you need to fuck hard and rape in the woods.” “Bitches are the craziest creatures” “Dumb bitches learning their place…” “Never hit a woman ever…. That being said, let’s formulate an excuse.” – Quotes from American University’s Epsilon Iota Google Group thread   The above quotes were screenshots that were…

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Some Important Tips To Survive A Custody War

This past weekend, I took Stela for a walk after we went to church.  My church is located relatively close to the courthouse that I describe as ground zero of the Custody War that was fought against Lucifer.  Until recently, I wasn’t even able to drive through that area without breaking down into tears and…

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