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Haters Gonna Hate

Last Friday, The Washington Post’s Jo-Ann Armao wrote an emotional and beautiful article which told the story of what happened to my son.  It also included the joys of my daughter.  To the surprise of nobody, trolls came out of the bowels of the Internet to shine their hate on a story that was meant…

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Rising After The Fall

“The greatest glory in living lies not from never falling, but from rising every time we fall.”  –  Nelson Mandela On December 5, 2013, heaven gained another angel when Nelson Mandela passed away.  Thinking about how this man chose to live his life has offered me some much needed reflection.  Here is a man who…

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Grown Ass Man Child

A few weeks ago, I wrote about what I believed it took to be a good father.  In the past few weeks, given that it is now the holiday season, I am thinking even more about family.  One of the things that people ask me a lot, in reference to Luc, is why I stayed…

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